"Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. Dreams are forever." -Walt Disney

This quote speaks out to me because I love Disney. Disney still makes me feel like I'm a little kid when I'm all grow up. This is why this quotes sticks out to me because the use of dreams in the quote.

Disney quotes for a bulletin board or door decs

Who said Disney movies are just for children?

My favorite one is the Tarzan quote it would make a good mom tattoo! (Even though I don't like tattoos)

I used to think that Disney was childish...until I started getting inventions, revelations and downloads...stumped! undone! befuddled!

Words to Live By

Words of Wisdom from Mickey Mouse ...♥♥...

Happiness like the person you cheated on that gave you the best chance of being a honestly better person then anyone else ever will

You never know when magic may happen....

Disney tattoo, I actually kinda like this! do mickey on one side with the words smile breathe,,,on the other side minnie with believe in magic

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