I don't like Taco Bell so I hate when people talk about how good it is I'm just like come over for dinner and I'll show/feed you real Mexican Food

Not real but it doesn't have to be authentic for me to stuff it in my mouth and like it

This image is intended to illustrate generalized misconceptions of Mexican-Americans in America as a group as sometimes perceived by other groups. There are obviously exceptions to everything, but these points are obvious for the ethnically impaired.

no illegals = no burritos? Now now America. I need my burritos. And tacos. And enchiladas. Let us keep the illegals bc I need my Mexican food, mmk America?

Only Juan pun at a time people! It's like the "fair" joke all over ...... Again!!

How do you start a Mexican bedtime story? Juans upon a time. Only Juan pun at a time people!

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Mexican word of the day: ice mocha. I have a bad memory because ice mocha lot of weed.