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I love drawing mermaids, but the scales take FOREVER. Now I know some other ways to draw their tails

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How to Draw Mermaids and Merfolk. I may have to become more than one kind of mermaid! an evil mermaid perhaps? It could happen!

Mermaid Reference

ah some cute mermaid references ! i have to say that i really love drawing mermaids. however this is a more cartoony style, and i enjoy it very much.

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So I did the mermaid meme and I want to help all that need it ^^ Here's how to draw mermaid movements easily Draw head Draw spine.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Draw a Mermaid | Create + Discover ...

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Draw a Mermaid

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I painted this in the Brushes app on the iPad, using the Pogo Sketch stylus. About three hours. Then assembled everything in PS. Please let me know if you find typos! The video for this tutorial is.