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This seems like it'd be damn near perfect. I could spike it if I wanted to or not!

" The detective asked the boy in front of him. He had dark hair and dark eyes that had pain hidden deep in their depths. The most alarming thing however was the bloody hand prints all over his pale skin.

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49 Cool New Hairstyles For Men 2017

Messy hairstyles are biggest trend of the year for both women and men. So we have rounded up the images of 20 Mens Messy Hairstyles that can be inspiring for.

Messy Vs Neat: How To Flawlessly Achieve Both Hairstyles

Messy Vs Neat: How To Flawlessly Achieve Both Hairstyles

A lot of guys don’t realize they can style their hair differently for different occasions. A casual day might call for a more relaxed and messy hairstyles, whilst a more formal day you might want to play it nice and neat. Here I’ll teach you guys how to a

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