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Circus Clipart - Digital Clip Art Printable - Big Red Tent, Elephant, Tiger, Pennant Banner - Personal Use Only

As far as total hours logged are concerned no other game even comes close, I kinda wish I were playing it right now

The 10 Greatest Videogame Trilogies of All Time

Super Mario Bros 30th

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There aren’t a whole lot of computer games that can rival Super Mario Bros. for longevity, popularity or excellence. This infographic should help explain the history of the Super Mario Bros.

Resultado de imagen para wallpaper mario bros png

Resultado de imagen para wallpaper mario bros png

Mario hat and mustache for photobooth

Mario, a happy go-lucky Italian plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom, is the most iconic video game character. He is Nintendo's most famous character and is beloved by children and fans worldwide. This is the reason why he is their mascot.

To use as prop - "(Tezuka's) wife is very quiet normally, but one day she exploded, maddened by all the time he spent at work. In the game, there is now a character who shrinks when Mario looks at it, but when Mario turns away, it will grow large and menacing." –Shigeru Miyamoto, on how co-creator Tekashi Tekuza inserted his wife into Super Mario 64; Nintendo Power

Super Mario Bros: 25 Mario facts for the 25th anniversary