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Star Wars Mandolorian Alphabet

Star Wars Mandalorian Alphabet- I love this because I have an interest in Star Wars languages. Someone has actually made an entire spoken language for the Mandalorians

Commission for Mandalorian OC. Soren Diederik ©  Star Wars © Lucasfilm/Disney

After seeing the force awakens i couldn't help but think (as he's my favourite character) were they could take Boba Fett with his own film. I would actually like to see a Fett and solo film more th.

Our Rus'alor Bri Quera Photo by @nshica

Our Rus'alor Bri Quera Photo by @nshica

This is how Mandalorians as Jedi would bare their symbol

30 Matching Tattoo Ideas For Couples

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Sometimes you can bend and reshape male plates to fit a female figure. Female templates are extremely hard to come by, plus if you have a little art skill it makes it easier.