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I really needed a photographic reference here. I tried to draw this tricky action years ago but. I'm so happy to learn new little things XDI do really advi.

For male characters, the important part is the upper body, so let's continue on to my favorite(?) section of this lect~  1 - Well now that you have your head, draw the sloping-down shoulders. The red blocks/shapes here vaguely represent the muscle structure underneath.  2 - Guy's chest line is usually higher than a female's. Remember that the nipples are NOT in the MIDDLE of the breast..that is just weird.   3 - Here it might look difficult, but the more you practice drawing it, you'll find…

JY/circus-usagi here (: This lecture will show you how to draw a generally fit anime male character, from facial structure to male anatomy. (i used paint tool SAI for this)

How to Draw Men Tutorial by on @deviantART

How to Draw Men - Man Tutorial - Anatomical Study - Male Body - Drawing Reference