all prepped and ready for another birthday craft party. this time i'll have ten 5yr olds making dream catchers #artbarbirthdayparties More

DIY Dream Catchers // Made by Kids


How to Make a Simple DIY Dreamcatcher

Want to know how you can make a dream catcher? Create fun, easy and beautiful dream catchers as your next great DIY project.

Dream Catcher Tutorials

Brilliant handmade Vintage dreamcatcher collection by Miranda! What a fun project - it even has a tutorial!

Kokopelli charm, blue and white dream catcher.

How to Make a Native American Dream Catcher

How to make a native american dreamcatcher. Dream catchers are for protecting us from bad dreams. The web catches the dreams and the daylight hits the dream catcher and illuminates the dream.

Moonstone Dream Catcher by TheLanternTree

Learn How To Make Dream Catcher: Tutorials & Ideas