Instead of a concrete slab, do this low deck with railings and a gate for P's safety in case he were to ever leave the house without anyone knowing. He'd still be gated as soon as he left the door.

for our current yard, when we finally do it! this is perfect, low deck, no railing, just add a pergola somewhere.and a HOT TUB

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Nice, wide stairs leading to a low deck. Would need to be a little bigger to fit grill and seating area.

The fire pit sits in a bed of stone immediately surrounding the deck - perfect maintenance solution and also ideal for keeping the grass and dirt out of the indoor/outdoor foot traffic.

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This Ground level deck has a symmetrical look with on one side a railing and and both sides benches wrap around the perimter.

Like symmetry. Like bench concept. Like transition from wood to stone.

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If a homeowner has a smaller yard but wants their deck to incorporate a hot tub, multiple levels and continuous stairs is, hands down, the best design option.