Teens Next Door  Would totally watch this. LOVED!!! KND as a kid

Teens Next Door

abigail lincoln arm behind back bald bangs black hair blonde hair blunt bangs bracelet braid brown hair cartoon network chains codename: kids next door dark skin earrings everyone goggles hand up hands in pockets hat hogarth pennywhistle gilli

Kuki and Wally Timeline by on @deviantART

Two characters in one timeline. This isn't a TD timeline, but a KND timeline, because i love that cartoon: it is one of the few cartoons that never disa. Kuki and Wally Timeline

Chicos del Barrio y Daddys by xBonbons

abigail_lincoln age_difference cartoon_network codename:_kids_next_door dark_skin father_and_daughter father_and_son glasses hogarth_pennywhistle_gilligan_jr kuki_sanban multiple_boys multiple_girls nigel_uno size_difference smile t_k_g wallabee_beetles

[drawr] TKG

“ what-am-i-even-doing-i-dont-know: “ Part 2 of my random findings of the extraordinary TKG, everyone! I’m telling you guys, you really need to check her stuff out!