Loneliness by Vadim Skapenko on Fotoblur | Fine Art Photography ...although I'd rather it be called blind adventuring.

This photo shows SPACE because the only subject in the photo is a person standing on an edge. The photographer purposely made the person small and placed him or her in the corner to represent loneliness.

LCM: Christopher Shannon SS16 photographed by Sophie Mayanne. See the full series here

Moment: Flat, I chose this photo because the man has a flat expression on his face and it is also black and white which gives the photo more of an expression.

#photography - Self Portraits by Noell S. Oszvald --- every one of my baths

Self Portraits by Noell S. Oszval A very cool effect adding the transparent veil to the woman like a confining layer of some intangible nature.

To go with my loneliness idea. Have to look through the cracks to see the isolation the person is feeling.

SPOTLIGHT: Yuliana Mendoza Yuliana Mendoza, aka Silence Effects, is an abstract photographer based out of La Spezia. Her photographic world is made by delicate and feminine evocative.

-black motorcycle helmet with flowers coming out? -maybe use poppa's half helmet sitting on a road?

Strange & Poetic Series of a Lonely Astronaut

Photography, Digital in People, Self-portrait, selfie, Female, Canon Eos 5D Mark II - Image #401529

In People, Self-portrait, selfie, Female. Thoughts, photography by Maria Frodl.

look girl “entrance” (photography by Yukihiro Yoshida)

look girl “entrance” (photography by Yukihiro Yoshida)

Night Photography, Street Photography, Sad Girl Photography, Sadness Photography, Night Portrait, Night Lights, The Nights, Alone Girl, Jack Reacher

::::    PINTEREST.COM christiancross    :::: Lost in movement. | by Moeys Photography

In this image, the blur of people moving around in the crowd makes it look interesting, but it is also focusing on particular people who are standing, walking, moving in what looks like a busy area. A slow shutter speed is used in this image.