27 African American Little Boy Haircuts 2017 - Ellecrafts

Trends often disappear as soon as they come when it comes to african american boys haircuts. Many are often displeasing, with a few catching the eye and remaini

The Curl Sponge is the Newest Way to Define Curls | DELUX Magazine

THE CURL SPONGE Recently, a buzz has been generated surrounding a new tool appropriately called, “The Curl Sponge.” Use of the sponge as directed promotes springy, coily curls.

Nice lining, Bald Fade

Says Pinner, "My son loves his super clean fades, I can do without the whole square daddy Yankee idea, but he likes it!

Haircuts for Little Black Boys

Fresh Haircut Designs - OK. So you noticed magazine graphic this actress, friend, or whomever with this great haircut.