(13) lip piercing | just becouse it is't a stretcher, doos't meen i dont like it

40 Amazingly Unique Labret Piercings for You! Labret piercings are a mark of dedication and endurance, thanks to the excessive care and self-control needed to wear jewelry on the lower lip!

vertical labret lip piercing

One of my favorite piercings - the vertical labret. Less damaging to the teeth than regular labret or lip piercings, and oh-so-pretty! So thinking of getting this

SILVER PLATED Fake lip ring.Fake lip piercing.Ring. Gold, Silver,Black,Antique Brass Lip Ring Fake Piercing/HIGH quality wire(Non Tarnish).

These fake lip rings are a cool way to enjoy w/o the risk of oral infection. Love the look & her pretty pink lips

what are lip piercings

All About Lip Piercing

Lip piercings seem like the coolest things in the world when you’re in your college years. But, if you're considering a lip piercing, you may want to think about a few things before you take the plunge.

I would get any of these but some are  pretty cute ! 15 Different Lip Piercings You Need To Know

15 Different Lip Piercings You Need To Know