Lil Wayne reminds me of when I first met my husband, he told me he wanted to be him..I'm never gonna forget!!! haaha

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'Cause you thought Lil Wayne is Weezy but Weezy is Wayne.

lil wayne art

Lil Wayne, drawn in Illustrator painted in PS, Tatts took crazy time but happy with the finished look.

Lil Wayne’s Seizures Prompt Emergency Landing

The dispute between Cash Money Boss Birdman and Lil Wayne is not going out soon. and i'm sure Lil Wayne won't keep it cool until he receives his own cut.

lil wayne | Lil Wayne dialed into 99 Jamz this evening to clarify his ...

5 Reasons New York Doesn't Like Lil' Wayne Either // Rapper takes shots at New York, disses the birthplace of hip-hop.

Lil Wayne, Rolling Stone

Details about all favorite things of Rapper Lil Wayne Favorite Movie Color Cars Number, Food, Sports, Football Team, Music Band and hobbies along with his Biography are provided on this page.

Everybody's got something to say behind your back, but few have the bravery to say it to your face and no, social media doesn't count.

Lil' Wayne is one of my favorite rappers because his lyrics are genius, just wish there wasn't so much cussing

Lil wayne

Sucker for Pain Lil Wayne & Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons

Lil Wayne #iHeartRadio #hiphop - listen here:

Most of my typical readers said that one of their favorite artists was the rapper Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne Net Worth in 2016 - How Rich Is Weezy?  #lilwayne

Dwayne Carter, better known as Lil Wayne, helped YMCY Records build a rap empire out of the New Orleans scene.

Lil wayne-as long as my bitches love me, I could give a fuck about no haters long as my bitches love me.

Lil waynes dreads were amazing. Idk if it wud look good.

Lil Wayne. Genius. I do I do

Lil Wayne: Because being a capable musician is much more dignified than being famous for holding an instrument on stage with your thumb up your ass.

Lil Wayne / Trukfit

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