Ultimate Lighting Guide For Photographers In One Infographic

Ultimate Lighting Guide For Photographers In One Infographic

Free Portrait Lighting Guide: 24 Essential Studio Lighting Set-Ups - portrait photography, lighting techniques, how to set up lighting, photography lighting

Poetry - A Glass of Water by David Musgrave - Oct. 11, 2012

Poetry Worth Reading – Musgrave

The mix of color in this image provides an almost alien quality to the model. At the front of her body there is a contrast between warm and cool light, while a the back of her body is a strong saturated pink color. The light appears to be hitting her body in a striped pattern suggesting that the sources come from different angles.

This portrait uses gel colours on the light box, this creates a colourful portrait as it shows up on the face. Light is centred yet face is at an angle crating shadow.

965ed9964474 by orlov777, via Flickr

I really like this one because the lines formed by maybe some blinds are perfectly covering her to where it almost looks like she has a body suit on or they are painted on.

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