Kingdom hearts gif

Me: Sora is a precious ball of sunshine. Some person: He's a fictio- Me: PRECIOUS BALL OF SUNSHINE!

Why you should play Kingdom Hearts <<< I believe the term "dork" is the preferred nomenclature

Riku and Sora - Kingdom Hearts II - Final battle against Xemnas

I'm sorry but I've been laughing at this gif for 2 min. because Xemnas just swats Riku and look at far he flies.<---pinning for the comment oh my gosh I love Riku to death but this is hysterical

kingdom hearts dream drop distance  gif | gif___kingdom_hearts_3d_5_by_asahi88-d4pwjfl.gif

i fucking love this game, kingdomhearts dream drop distance. i gotta so though, kingdomhearts days is one of my favorite kingodmhaerts games there is, its fucking awesome, trust me. square enix needs to remake it for or

My favorite

My favorite

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance | Don't worry guys, Sora's got this. [gif]

Everytime I see this part of the opening I get teary eyed, I love this series so much (BBS being my favorite) so to see them all together brings much gr. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Opening End.