‘Mad Men’ Fashion: Joan Holloway’s Most Iconic Style Moments

It would require two hands to count how many Joan Holloways I’ve encountered on Halloween over the years. Her look is iconic: red hair in an up-do; a curve-hugging, short-sleeved, gem-toned p…

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Okay, okay, so she may be Joan Harris these days, but Christina Hendricks& fabulous Mad Men character will always be Joan Holloway to me.

It's a joan necklace :) update: HE GOT IT! THE LIST WORKS! :)

Mad, bad and not to be missed: Advertising execs in sharp suits and curvaceous women... How Mad Men became a cult hit

Joan Holloway in "Mad Men"

Mad Men Mad Style: Joan I love that black (dark blue?) head scarf look, I really need to try it

Great article about Christina Hendricks.. she is so inspiring!

"I grew up feeling ugly, awkward and horrible": Christina Hendricks on her emergence as a sex icon

Joan Holloway

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Here are 15 reasons why fiery redhead Joan Holloway is a total boss.

Christina Hendricks on the set of Mad Men. Size 14 has never been this sexy.

Is this actress the ideal shape?

With Mad Men on a hiatus for longer than I care to think about, I thought, why not dish a little about the woman who put the bang in booty and the wham in wiggle; Joan Holloway (I refuse to accept …