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Pictures of Surgical Instruments for Doctors, Nurses and Surgical Technologists. A catalog of common surgical instruments for general, neuro, vascular and orthopedic surgery.

surgical incision names

surgical incision names

Army-Navy Retractor.  Photo curtesy:

Army-Navy Retractor. Photo curtesy:

Keep Calm and Stay Sterile for Surgical Tech ID Name Badge Holder, Keychain, Necklace, Pin, Magnet, Zipper Pull or Necklace on a Poker Chip

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Credit: Science Museum, Wellcome Library, London. The double-ended blood transfusion apparatus meant that the recipient and donor of the blood could be hooked up to the same device. The whole process took thirty minutes. The apparatus was invented by Dr Louis Jubé, whose name is printed on the lid of the tin.

Blood Transfusion Set This blood transfusion device enabled a donor and recipient to be hooked up together, with the former giving the blood and the latter receiving it in about a half hour.