Love these box braids!!!!!!!!!

100 Ways To Style Your Box Braids [VIDEO]

African American Braids for Women: Box Braids. I always wanted braids, but they won't stay in my hair. I considered dreadlocks in my youth, but "only dirty hippies have dreadlocks" in my culture.

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Gabrielle Union Looks So Young in Braids It Literally Makes No Sense. How Sway?! - Lisa a la mode

Gabrielle Union Braids showcase how young she looks. Hats off to Miss Gabrielle Union for rocking braids and killing the game

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African braids twisted into a style

21 Awesome Ways To Style Your Box Braids And Locs

45 Stunning Medium Box Braids -- Experiment With One Of These Fine Days

Box braids are not just great at introducing freshness to your looks, they also give you room to experiment with different packages. Medium box braids are