Female pick up lines lol

If women used corny pickup lines

BAHAHAHAHA I love nursing humor. And cheesy pick up lines.

The 25 Greatest Sloths The Internet Has Ever Seen

Funny pictures about Dirty little sloth. Oh, and cool pics about Dirty little sloth. Also, Dirty little sloth.

Inappropriate Pick Up Lines

There is an unwritten covenant between most couples that whatever happens at home stays at home. Hence, the smiling faces you see in public or splashed all over

What Is The Worst Pick Up Line You’ve Ever Heard?

What Is The Worst Pick Up Line You've Ever Heard?

"Your eyes are like spanners. Every time I look into them my nuts tighten.

thats good!

[2012-02-09] If a guy used this on me, it may just work... [funny]

My magic watch says you don't have any underwear on. Oh, you do? It must be 15 minutes fast. Pick up lines funny humor