24 fotos creativas que debes de tomarte con tu mejor amiga

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20 Ideas de fotos que debes tomarte con tus amigas HOY o te arrepentirás en 10 años

To remake a couture dress entirely out of brown paper and similar products. This dress was based off of a liquid silver Thierry Mugler mermaid dress from It was constructed entirely from corruga.

Resultado de imagen de fotos tumblr para imitar sola faciles

RT I like dudes who take charge: ask me out plan a date take a hostage overthrow a government nuke your ex's hometown buy me a puppy

Photo (I measure my life in coffee spoons.)

"um, hi. im hayden. im eighteen and single. im bisexual. I don't really tell a lot of people about myself, so you're lucky if I let you in." I smirk." //Hayden hi hayden in bi as well im 12