horse anatomy:

The most complete, accurate and qualified horse anatomy reference seen in all my life, love it

tumblr_horse anatomy

This photo shows different views of a horse's anatomy. It goes from skeletal to muscular to normal views.

Horse Anatomy Part I by on @deviantART

How To Draw Horses - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Drawing Horses + History + Hardware + Mythology is available on bookshelves now! Only ----> Tis indeed, a motherload of a ref.

The longtime rider in me says yes. After all, horses look like they are absolutely made for it; not too big and not too small; strong, agile with enough space on their back to carry a human, as they have done for centuries.  However, in addition to being a rider I am also an equine physical therap

Are Horses Really Made for Riding? I love racing, & am not trying to stop it, but some of this is valuable knowledge to everyone who works with horses. It will help you get the best from your horse & help the horse as well!

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How to draw horses. My friend Meghan really loves horses, so I geuss that I gonna to make a horse sketch for her!