Making half a dozen of these DIY trophies took less than an hour and cost no more than $20! Party guests, especially the kids, will leave impressed and excited to display these simple, clever and modern trophies personalized for each persons winning qualities! How-to instructions:

How to Make Homemade Trophies

Homemade Trophy.  This could come in handy for big family game nights...a rotating trophy!

X - Homemade Trophy. This could come in handy for big family game nights.a rotating trophy!

Homemade trophy for our food drive challenge. It travels to whichever office wins it each year.

Every year we challenge our offices to see who can donate the most items to our local food bank, Harvesters. Who will take home the ugly gold trophy? Stay tuned to find out!

Sometimes Creative: Homemade Trophy

I cut an idea out of my Family Fun magazine this summer for a home made trophy and saved it for just the right occasion.

Your trophy shelf is filled with these:

23 Problems Every Golfer Will Understand

“A problem every golfer will understand: Your trophy shelf is filled with these.

DIY Beer Pong Trophy | DIY Beer Bottle Crafts and Decor by DIY Ready at

Uses for Beer Bottles

Recycle the beer bottles trophy style. When someone wins, whip this out! Need to keep a tote in the pantry for (cleaned out) beer bottles.

Looking for a fun way to celebrate family game night? Here’s how to make your own homemade trophy for extra family fun. Who’ll be the next Family Game Night champ?

Make a Trophy for Family Game Night

-- here is a cool trophy I could make and each night we have a winner, they take it home.

This  "World's Best Dad Trophy" is a great idea for a Mother's Day or Father's Day project for your students to complete.  The materials needed are easy to gather together:  paper cup, toilet paper roll, cereal box, cardboard, yellow paint, and markers.

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 2012 and we’ve found a perfect and easy gift to make for Dad. The eco-friendly Father’s Day craft for kids we’ve chosen is a fun “World’s Best Dad” trophy.