Holstein Cow Art 8x10 Print by Dottie Dracos, Holstein 2 white blaze on blue. $12.00, via Etsy.

Holstein Cow 1 Head And Chest Painting by Dottie Dracos - Holstein Cow 1 Head And Chest Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Holsteins are the most common breed and are known for outstanding milk production.  Holsteins are what most likely comes to mind when thinking about a dairy cow with their classic black and white markings.  These markings can also be red and white which is the expression of a recessive gene.

A Holstein spots are like a fingerprint or a snowflake. No two cows have exactly the same spot patterns. // I NEVER KNEW THIS, DID YOU?

Cow art original watercolor painting black and white cow painting holstein cow art

Cow art Cow painting Cow PRINT of an original watercolor painting PRINT x 11 paper size black and white cow painting holstein cow art

Calves... They may look cute, but don't let that deceive you!!! They have mind all there own... When they want to that is...

A couple cuties. My fav animals of all time. Glad I can work with them when ever I want!

The black and white cows are what I remember growing up

The black and white cows are what I remember growing up.when I was very little, I would jump out of the car (when we got to my grandparent's farm) climb up to the fence, and call, "Come Boss!and the Cows would all come to me!

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awkwardandvegan: “bb-shine: “ Cows smelling flowers ” Cows are so beautiful omg ”

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Country ~♥~ Life ◦✩☼◦ "First Christmas" by Bonnie Mohr.really don't want your cows to calve before winter.but in the spring (when deer are dropping their fawns--makes more sense!