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Freshly baked meme for you

"You can’t tell me Qrow didn’t win Baby Ruby over by making her a rose flower crown, and sequentially turning her into his biggest adoring fan, you just can’t ok!

Even though he will never see this, I want to tell him how much I miss him. I didn't even personally know him and yet I still miss him so much!!

" - Monty Oum ------ This is the piece I made as a tribute to the late Monty Oum. I know its alittle late, but its t.

уσυ тнιик уσυℓℓ иєνєя gєт ιт яιgнт, вυт уσυяє ωяσиg, уσυ мιgнт.

RWBY I am laughing so hard right now! I'm also very sad for Pyrrha

I vote ruby cause she's wayyyyy cuter

RWBY: Image Gallery

This made me cry more than it should've

Twist Fate: RWBY by Legacyhunter on DeviantArt (This would be an interesting AU)

*holds tissue to bloody nose* Yeah this be Blake if she was real.