Quidditch cake inspired from Pinterest

Quidditch cake - this looks like one of the easier Harry Potter themed birthday cakes. The goal toppers can be made with paper straws, and the snitch is a Ferrero Rocher.

Harry Potter Book of Spells Cake. How awesome is this? Perfect for a Harry Potter Party!

would the cake sell? Do people like character cakes? <<Harry Potter Book of Spells Cake. Perfect for a Harry Potter Party!

Harry Potter Monster Book Cake Recipe | CupcakeGirl - YouTube

How to make the monster book from Harry Potter into an awesome cake! --- This is a slightly simplified version as I left out the 'The Monster Book of Monster.

Harry Potter - THE most amazing cake ever!!! (But not as good as the Middle Earth wedding cake Tanya made me!!)

30 Gorgeous and Delicious Literary Cakes

Harry Potter Themed Cake. This needs to be my next bday cake. Yes I'll be 24. No I don't care

Harry Potter Themed 6 And 8 Inch Cake Wand Eyeglasses Scarf And Hogwarts Emblem Is Fondant Sorting Hat Is Fondant With Styrofoam Armatur