hanging bassinet! our ceilings are probably not high enough for this! it is still very exciting.

35 Suspended Cradles, Modern Baby Room Ideas and Inspirations for DIY Hanging Beds

Hanging Baby Cot in a white airy bedroom. alternative to having a bassinet in master bedroom.

Clever ways to make room for a growing family!

Baby Room Decor Tips For Small Spaces - NYC

How an NYC couple built a nursery in their 400 square foot apartment. Space is not always abundant. What matters most is what you do with the limited space you have! Make every square foot count!

Little Nest designed by Oszkar Vagi

A Hanging Felt Cradle Inspired by the Womb

A Hanging Felt Cradle Inspired by the Womb - Design Milk

How peaceful is this!? I love it! Want my baby to come into a calm environment!

Hanging baby bed :-) This would be a great thing to have. Whenever you had a newborn you could just hook it up next to your bed and take it down once the baby moves into another room. Great idea for trins swing

if i have another baby (ever), i'd get this hanging bassinet.

Mawok, a rocking hammock for babies.but this doesn't look like a mawok hammock.

White room with crib

Le couffin de bébé

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