Aww, 14 Adorable Half-Korean Children | (Lauren Hanna Lunde)

Aww, 14 Adorable Half-Korean Children

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I'm curious to see the diversity in them. I'm very anxious to see how my baby looks:) I have a lot of red in my hair and my husband who is Chinese has a lot of red in his beard. One day, not long ago I had a dream our baby was a redhead!  Please share :)

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Halfies are beautiful creatures. Containing a mix of physical features from two different ethnicities, halfie faces represent the best of both worlds.

half asian/pacific islander. Cute mixed Asian baby!

First off, are babies born with lighter skin and then it gets darker, or the other way around?

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Hapa Babies?? - Page 3

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Aww, 14 Adorable Half-Korean Children |

Aww, 14 Adorable Half-Korean Children

Kim Young-Nam - Taylor Richard Kim-Jung (Kai and Krystal's younger son)

Nonna, tell them my hair looks ridiculous!

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Half Vietnamese/Chinese (which is what my fiance is also!