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I think every woman can agree on this. | "You know what's sexier than a bad boy? A grown ass man with his shit together."

20 Totally Relatable Quotes That Will Make Women Yell 'PREACH!'

he'll certainly try. but you gotta be the one he can't ruin. that's the key.

Until a women finds herself she will ruin every man she comes in contact with. Up to a confident and secure man to remove her from influence and move on. Men need to learn to close their eyes and not be fooled by looks and neediness.

Ladies don't waste your time waiting by the phone or chasing after men who don't treat you how you want to be treated. Expect more and get more.

If I have to fight for it whether ur a friend or a relationship u can keep it. I be damn I'll be the only one fighting

Absolutely, and the difference between a grown woman and a girl.

A righteous man vs a immature boy: Yes absolutely and that is also the difference between a grown woman and a girl

I have no need to apologize for what I did. If I wasn't put through stuff, I wouldn't have done it. I wouldn't have grown as a person.

I am a passionate pretty, opinionated woman. It took so long for me to just accept my own philosophies and perspectives.

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Absolutely working on this! This is one of our goals! To become so financially secure that pay day isn't the one day I look forward too! This is possible for any of us! We can all have this!