66 Things to Be Grateful For, Big and Small

66 things to feel grateful for in your everyday life. Gratitude, even for the smallest of things is a key element to changing an negative attitude in life to a positive one.

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I spent 20 years praying for my family my first priority, now that I have them they're not suddenly gonna come in second to other people. This is my job my career and no one can fault me for doing it well- Cindy

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UOGoals: Be grateful./ I am grateful for you. I am very happy that we still talk, I can never thank you enough for that.

63 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes about life

I love and enjoy working on trks and trailers. I just hate my position I don't want to be supervisor. I just want to come in do my time go home in peace no stress don't have to worry about answering my phone getting my ass chewed up for other people's fuckin mistakes. Fixing other people's shops issues like if I don't have enough shit going on in mine. Don't get me wrong I'm grateful but I didn't ask for this position they begged me. I guess is time for a new job..

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