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A good example of the current need for ML: While this infographic is cute and filled with information, a lot of this information is invalid. Glee's singles are selling faster and farther than Elvis and the Beatles because neither of the latter made music during our present age of digital distribution. So please, don't start putting these three musical entities in the same category.

'Glee' Infographic: How the Show Has Impacted the Music World

KATE HUDSON (recurring role on Glee, Almost Famous, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Raising Helen, The Skeleton Key, You Me and Dupree, Fool's Gold, Bride Wars, My Best Friend's Girl, Nine, The Killer Inside Me and Something Borrowed)

Kate Hudson, an American actress. She rose to prominence in 2000 for playing Penny Lane in Almost Famous, for which she won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Cory Monteith recibió un homenaje por su compañera de reparto, Jane Lynch. Algunas de sus palabras fueron: “Un joven talentoso y maravilloso. Es notable y tal vez un poco curioso cómo la televisión muestra a los shows como familias. Este verano, en nuestro programa Glee sufrimos una muerte dolorosa en nuestra familia”. “Desde la primera vez que vi a Cory, tenía una calidad de estrella y una dulzura genuina que hace imposible no enamorarse de él. Y millones se enamoraron de Cory” .

Jane Lynch pays tribute to Cory Monteith Entertainment Weekly horas atrásCompartilhar In an Emmys telecast unusually preoccupied with memorials, so .

'Glee's' 100th Episode: Dianna Agron, Heather Morris Among Original Stars Returning

Full sized photo of Dianna Agron: Quinn is Back on 'Glee'! and dianna agron glee quinn back Check out the latest photos, news and gossip on celebrities and all the big names in pop culture, tv, movies, entertainment and more.

American Horror Story ficha a Jacob Artist para un misterioso papel en su sexta temporada  "El ex de 'Glee' se incorpora al reparto de la enigmática nueva entrega de la terrorífica serie de Ryan Murphy. " Nuevo fichaje par...

Jacob Artist Photos - Brittany falls into a rut and turns to Britney Spears' music for help breaking out of it;

Cuarta temporada de Glee | Poster y foto del reparto

"Glee" Season Trailer, Behind the Scenes, & Cast Photo!

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Bunnings UK and Ireland/Homebase sales fall in quarter to 30 September

I'm ashamed of my secret weedkiller habit

I'm ashamed of my secret weedkiller habit

Bunnings UK and Ireland/Homebase sales fall in quarter to 30 September

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How To Get Beachy Waves—a la Reese Witherspoon and Lea Michele: Girls in the Beauty Department:

How To Get Beachy Waves—a la Reese Witherspoon and Lea Michele