Best watercolour I've seen in ages. I couldnt decipher the artists name x

「❤」/「withgiraffe」の漫画 [pixiv] Gone! Gone, till the end of the year, Gone, and the light gone with her -Alfred Tennyson

watercolor by Shi Tao (b. 1960, China)   Tibetan girl   (Academic Award) Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts  史涛水彩画作品

Watercolor painting, by Shi Tao (b. China) His little'' Tibetan Girl'' won the Academic Award of the First National Contemporary Watercolor Painting Exhibition for Academies and Institutes

Watercolor illustration


A girl dressed in a white dress with flowers in her hair stares up at the magical starry night sky. A watercolor painting in blue, black, and

She stood with the star-filled universe stretched out in front of her and wondered how she fit into it all // Starry Night Sky and Girl by Heatherlee Chan - watercolor, ink, print

Tranquility by Tomasz-Mro on DeviantArt

Drawing Portraits - Tranquility by Tomasz-Mro on DeviantArt Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits.Let Me Show You How You Too Can Draw Realistic Pencil Portraits With My Truly Step-by-Step Guide.

Custom original watercolor portrait-Watercolor painting family portrait-Child portrait-Wedding portrait-Pet portrait-House etc-One figure

Custom original watercolor portrait,hand painted watercolor family portrait,child portrait,wedding portrait,pet portrait and etc