To say I love my studio is an understatement! It is everything I have ever wanted and so much more! It is an overview of my style, an extension of my personality, the realisation of my vision, my happy place to create art, my heaven on dream studio! The studio was designed by me

Melbourne Newborn Photography Studio

If the thought of taking photos in your garage makes your cringe, I don’t blame you. However, I assure you that it is not only possible to create images in your garage, it is possible to create stunning images in your garage.

How to set up a garage photo studio in 7 easy steps

Do you dream of studioesque pictures? Do you pine for a clean, unencumbered space in which to shoot living or non-living subjects? Do you have a garage?

modern converted garage living space

15 Home Garages Transformed Into Beautiful Living Spaces

This is actually a very simple conversion. It's all in the paint and garage doors. I have been thinking of doing something more quaint, but this is simple and stylish Converted Garage Living Room Sitting Area - on HGTV

Garage Studio Essentials: Pro, cons, and the 4 must-haves

Garage Studio Essentials: Pro, Cons, and the 4 Must-Haves

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Avnida Photography's beautiful newborn studio featured on I Heart Faces Photography Blog

Photography Tutorials and Photo Tips

Let& take you for a tour of the best newborn photography studio in NJ, by Avnida Photography. Covered by Fox, Star-Ledger and other leading publications.