Dior Couture Black Swakara Lamb & Black Fox Fur Coat

Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2009 Fashion Show

Dior inspiration- Fashion fur shawl collar and cuffs with textured suede matt black jacket and sleeves!

FUR STOLE - 1957 EMBA desert-gold BY CHRISTIAN DIOR- photo by virginia thoren. #Stole #VintageStole Read blogpost at http://www.whitestole.com/1/post/2013/12/the-small-embrace-bolero-stole-became-a-lasting-fashion.html See entire vintage collection at www.whitestole.com

The year 1948 had introduced the “Little Cape” in which the contrasting little tails imitated the fastening, short Capes with peplums, along with floor-length Capes sporting little Volant sleeves or large cuffs. Rivella’s Stole Cape was almost as big as

Dior Fur-Trimmed Ski boots.....pleeeaaasseeeeeee! Lets hit the slopes !

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