cool Soft Look for Hazel Eyes

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Everyone will assume that you are a city girl if you like to read fashion magazines, and no one will.

This is the makeup look i want to wear on my funeral

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Vampy look! Perfect to wear with the Drop Dead Check Mate Skirt.

Love this faded lips look theredghosts: Jessica Backstage at Christian Dior Fall 2010

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bloody rose

Floral makeup can be different. As in the truest sense - created using live flowers. As figuratively - with painted plants. All of these looks are very artistic.

There are many ways for women to make themselves more attractive. One of them is to do makeups for themselves. All #women know that it is a polite to wear an appropriate makeup for different occasions. No one will do a heavy #makeup with #sparklyshadows and hot red lips for a funeral.

Smokey Eye How to Guide for Beginners, Eyeshadow Hacks, Tips Tricks

Here is an easy step by step eye makeup tutorials for new years eve that include smoky eye makeup to dramatically winged eyes to cut crease style.

Beautiful makeup for blue eyes.

33 Best Ideas of Makeup for Blue Eyes

Wanna find makeup for blue eyes that is the most flattering and also appropriate for any occasion? See our collection of the prettiest makeup looks.


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Simple yet pretty eye enlarging makeup tutorial. Also, using white liner on the waterline gives an eye opening effect.