Johnson Bros. Friendly Village plates

Dinnerware, Friendly Village Collection - not necessarily for Christmas as some of the pieces have themes from other seasons - Macy's

My thanksgiving table. Love my grandmother's Johnson Brothers Friendly Village dishes. Beautiful fall colors

I have these dishes "The Friendly Village". I like this warm table arrangement so I may need to find some gold plates as well as the pumpkin colored tablecloth. This is my favorite holiday.

Johnson Brothers "Friendly Village" - I have 8 place settings of this and it is what I use at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It is beautiful with the silver and crystal AJ inherited from his grandmother.  :)

One of my absolute favorites: Wedgwood Johnson Brothers Friendly Village 20 Piece Set

Aiken House & Gardens: Friendly Village

love these dishes - Friendly Village ~ display. I believe my set is The Old Mill in brown. My husband will be bringing it home tonight. Bought yesterday at local shop.

I like this dish pattern- Friendly Village by Johnson Brothers

I have this dish pattern- Friendly Village by Johnson Brothers nice compliment to my lenox :-)

Nancy's Daily Dish: The History of Johnson Brothers and The Friendly Village Tablescape

Last week, Shawn and I popped into a couple of estate sales and I picked up over 100 pieces of Johnson Brother& The Friendly Village .