NIKOLA TESLA...Para mi, el científico más extraordinario que ha existido!

NIKOLA TESLA...Para mi, el científico más extraordinario que ha existido!

Nikola Tesla

"Anti social behaviour is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists" - Nikola Tesla. Interesting take on it.

Nikola Tesla Quotes On God

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Nikola Tesla

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Nikolas Tesla

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

I AM Buddy, The BUDDHA From Mississippi ™: THE GREAT ONE ( NIKOLA TESLA )

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Nikola Tesla: Rockstar Scientist - Didn't Flint have this on his wall in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?

frases de Nikola Tesla. «Si lo que quieres es encontrar los secretos del universo, piensa en términos de energía, frecuencia y vibración».

25 grandes frases de Nikola Tesla para reflexionar

INikola Tesla-Inventor-Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system.