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It's been a rough week, deals not closing, players leaving, blood on my face for no reason, and now Friday the At least it's Friday!

Dolpins Lol

Are You Clueless About Football? Lots of people wish they had the ability to excel at playing football.

and who doesn't love another Niner joke

can't get past 50 yard line. If they were playing ultimate frisbee they would be awesome. Come play ultimate y'all!

Lol... I personally like and only really watch college football, I'm not really an nfl guy, but this is pretty funny.

because "Deflategate" alone could provide hundreds of thousands of football memes, so flip through some of our favorite NFL memes, including the obligatory Patriots shots.

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Our Favorite Packers-Seahawks Memes -- The Seattle Seahawks own the Green Bay Packers no more! Here are our favorite post-game Packers-Seahawks memes. Congratulations on being Seattle.


Excellent Advice About Football That You Will Want To Read. Lots of people wish they had the ability to excel at playing football. Unfortunately, not many people can play pro football.

#NFL Dallas Cowboys - lol!

Cowboys rating This is soooooo true. Just got done watching the week 17 game Eagles vs. Cowboys VERY CLOSE but Cowboys

Philly Philly

Philly Philly