Flamenco how-to from the National Post.  I approve this (!) - an important aspect of an extremely complex art form.

Learning the art of flamenco dancing by Lia Grainger

One of my favorite passions is flamenco dancing. Here is a phenomenal article by a gal I danced with in Vancouver, Lia Grainger, published in the National Post, a major Canadian newspaper.

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My mom would be a flamenco dancer/instructor. This image reminds me of one of her dance outfits. I imagine if she were still here on earth, she'd have spent time in Seville and performed in flamenco clubs and then toured for a year.

How to do Flamenco hands!

The Flamenco is an intricate dance style, including flowing, complicated hand movements.

BAILES. Flamenco. Este baile es fuerte, apasionado y con mucho sentimiento.

Flamenco Bata de cola The bottom of her dress looks like coral.

Este es un vestido Flamenco tradicional para chicas en Espana.  Chicas se llevan este vestido cuanda bailando el Flamenco.

Flamenco is a Spanish art form that includes singing, dancing, snapping, clapping, and guitar playing. It is most often associated with the famous red dress women wear to do the dance.

Rachel Mcnaughton - Flamenco 2

By Rachel Mcnaughton - Flamenco abstract ink creating texture while using the negative space to draw your attention to the woman before noticing the flowing black dress

Flamenco Vector Silhouettes - People Characters

Flamenco Vector Silhouettes

Women dancing flamenco and salsa vector silhouettes set. Fully editable - buy this stock vector on Shutterstock & find other images.