Breakfast omg felted magnets for the fridge... Right after I finish my second set of curtains!

Finally finished with the breakfast series plush keychains/pins XD Does the toast look familiar? It& from the toast plush keychain tutorial These are all FOR SALE at P. The pancake and milk.

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House ornament, Set of eight, Felt House decoration , Decoration for wallâ?

How to Make A Felt Alphabet

Alphabet Magnet Madness! -

Felt magnetic alphabet, no machine required. I already have the magnetic board from Ikea.


Shopping cart and fruits within magnets, shopping cart, felt magnet, shopping cart with fruits and food

Heart shaped felt Magnets - hand sewing project idea

Heart shaped felt Magnets - hand sewing project idea quick cute romantic last minute gift make for valentines day , to cheer up friends , mothers day or wedding favours

Fish Magnets By Mariapalito

Felt fish magnets sneak peek - The Inspiration Party by MariaPalito: Everything to inspire your party

A colorful felt magnetic counting set for little hands! Targets fine motor, one-to-one correspondence, and number recognition with fun watermelon shapes.

Magnetic Watermelon Counting Set

Magnetic Watermelon Counting Set - make one big cardstock watermelon slice & laminate, use black buttons or gems to play with number cards, dice, etc.