«Estas pruebas demostrarán que su fe es auténtica… Entonces su fe, al permanecer firme en tantas pruebas, les traerá mucha alabanza, gloria y honra en el día que Jesucristo sea revelado a todo el mundo». —1 Pedro 1:7

SaltBox by Extraordinary Structures

To create the SaltBox, Santa Fe-based Extraordinary Structures worked with Los Alamos National Laboratory engineers on thermal efficiency and their panelized construction system cut by a CNC machine. The result was an environmentally-friendly tiny house with contemporary design.

Mid Century Modern Iconic Chairs in Miniature - Very Nice!

How to Build a Farmhouse Style Headboard- Printable Instructions

Headboard DIY Headboard EastCoastCreative DIY Headboard EastCoastCreative Explore these chic and functional headboard ideas to elevate your bedroom decor.

How to teach your Kids to Love God

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I create a diverse range of acrylic works on deep, all-wood panels (black painted edges). My main goal when painting is to create unforgettable, dynamic work.