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22 poses for successful pictures of kids, families, and adults

Nearly perfect pyramid but the kids should have been swapped around, mums legs are not crossed with toe pointing, and the girl on the right is covering dads leg when she didnt need too, if you are going to do a 'smile at the camera' pose. then all should be looking at the camera ... in our opinion

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cute family session pose for little boy family of 4 pose. Quite possibly the coolest new baby photo ever! Some really good tips to help add .

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Lovely Family Photo Ideas

Lovely Family Photo Ideas: this might be a good one for sister because she hates brother Family pics, family pictures, family photography tips

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Learn how to pose your subjects for the best pictures possible!

22 poses for successful pictures of kids, families, and adults

Have donovan on eric's shoulders, and put a puff in my mouth so he tries to eat it to  make it look like he's kissing me :)

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Joyous Heart - Flat Holiday Photo Cards - Jill Smith - White : Front --- cute holiday card and adorable family photo posing idea

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it's the middle of the photography busy season, and let me tell you. the behind-the-scenes photographer forums are BUZZING with chatter. There's squealing about all the amazing, dreamy sessions, but also quite a bit of talk about all the th