This happy little family train. | 21 Beautiful Elephant Tattoos That Will Inspire You

This happy little family train.

Placement! The only change I would make would be to make the words into a solid line and add some color

“Greek quote meaning “family…the miracle of love.” My parents met in Greece and we go back to the hotel they met at every year, the family of elephants represent our family and how my parents protect.

PERFECT! This is what I want for my tattoo!!! @ big elephants for Big-Ken and I and 2 baby elphants for Kendrick and Keithen!! But the daddy elephant in from of the mommy invade we have more kids! And I want it on my ribs. (Right below where a sports bra would stop)

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Elephant portrait tattoo by Marla Moon

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Forget the stick figures on the back window of your car, you can represent your family in a million other ways, like with this adorable elephant family tattoo. Image Source: Instagram user a_million_miles_


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Band/Family of Elephants Tattoo #armtattoosmeaning

Band/Family of Elephants Tattoo #armtattoosmeaning

Elephant Family Mom Dad twin babies nursery by WatercolorPrintsUSA

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Elephant Family Tattoo  2212.jpg

They both represent family in different ways, my lost and my present. My elephant tattoo is my.

Elephant family tattoo!!

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