EDC Las Vegas 2014 was beautiful... This sums up how I'm feeling right about now!

EDC Las Vegas - Jenna saw this and had to send it to you, even though we're not going to this EDC thing you know that feeling lol

Heading to EDC in Las Vegas this year? Don’t forget  sunscreen and other essentials from this packing list.

EDC Las Vegas ProTip The Essential Packing List (along with a list of other EDC ProTips)

Perfect make for EDC Las Vegas 2015

Eye Makeup - If you're off to a summer festival, light up the party with these Northern Lights eyes.

Explore EDC Las Vegas 2015 Through Pictures #edc #lasvegas

Here's a RAVE dictionary for all those who have never been to a rave! When trying to describe a rave to someone, you might find it harder than you think,

To some this looks like hell... to me it no place I'd rather be :) #edc2014 I'm comming!

Anyone still looking for a place to stay at during edc weekend? I have a condo 5 min off the strip and still have room for 4 more people. Dm me for info edc is almost here by johny_rolla