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Dear StitchFix Stylist, I have been looking for muted gold stud earrings like this forever. I especially love the triangle. Something small and simple would go a long way in my jewelry collection.

"What makes a cool combination really just depends on the person. I like to see the person and how they're dressed, and I can take it from there. I try to help clients pick the color to best suit them. But, I'm not going to do too many at once, in most cases. Last night, I had a girl who wanted five, and I said, 'Why don't we start with two and see how you feel? In a couple weeks, let's do a couple more.'" #refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/multiple-ear-piercing-ideas#slide-5

L.A.'s 10 Coolest Ear-Piercing Combinations — & The Man Behind Them All

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Fresh second earlobe piercing with Anatometal prong set CZ (at NoKaOi Tiki Tattoo and Piercing) - this isn't me, but I finally got my second piercing using the same earring as here. Can't wait to play with combos and threaders!

Double lobe piercing gold/rose gold earrings A pair of 14k yellow or rose gold filled double lobe piercing earrings. nejd Jewelry Earrings

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Trendy Luxury Jewelry : ❗️sale❗️Double piercing gold/rose gold earrings A pair of yellow or rose gold filled double lobe piercing earrings.

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SALE - Double Piercing Earrings-Threader Earrings-Double Lobe Earrings-Double Threader Earrings-Double Piercing-Two hole Earrings-Staple Ear

I'm finally getting my second lobe piercing tomorrow! After my helix got infected I was contemplating if I should go ahead, but yay I am.

Simple, elegant and pretty. If I ever got a second piercing in my ear I'd want this.

Gorgeous Multiple Ear Piercing Ideas - Cartilage Piercing Stud - MyBodiArt.com

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