The Doll Maker by on @DeviantArt

The Doll Maker There once was a man who made beautiful dolls of all shapes and sizes. He even made life sized dolls. CreepyPasta: The Doll Maker

Doll Makers Dream- How to Make Your Own Dolls with some free tutorials

Doll Makers Dream- How to Make Your Own Dolls--free tutorials with good sculpting instructions. Great detail tutorials for all kind of miniatures dolls too.

JDavidMcKenney and his three Maquette/Prototype dolls

J David McKenney and his three Maquette/Prototype dolls. Maker of Pidgin Dolls.

Amazing site by doll maker Martha Boers - tutorials (like how to make a Tibetan lambskin wig & fairy wings), patterns & superb photos of her creations.

Tutorial for making lambskin wigs from Antique Lilac - this site has gorgeous eye candy and great tutorials

The Doll Maker | Art Trade With AyatoNyaa by LiizEsparza-Chan on DeviantArt

: DDD O mai gash is so cute this guy I'm sorry if you dont like the way that I have drawed this xDD But it's cute The oc is of ENJ. The Doll Maker