Sparkle Diva Disco Costume

Costumes - This Sparkle Diva Disco Costume features the sexy silver dress with flared sleeves and the matching headband. Have your date dress in the Silver Glitter Disco Costume for a great couples look!

Disco Couples Costumes - Party City- Our local party stores always have great disco costume options year around!

You're the dancing king and queen in our Disco Couples Costumes! This foxy Disco Doll Costume and Disco Dude Costume are perfect for the couple who loves groovy holographic polka dots.

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Cher Pictures: Cher's Most Memorable Costumes

Boogie Queen Disco Costume - Disco Costumes

Adult Costumes - This Boogie Queen Disco Costume includes the sleeveless jumpsuit made of iridescent black reflective fabric with flared legs and a wide collar, and the matching glovettes.

Colorful Costume

Looking for a unique costume? Browse our Create Your Own Women's Hippie Costume options and select the flower power accessories you need!

Girls Disco Diva Costume

Become a dancing queen in our Disco Diva Costume! Disco Diva Costume for girls features a shimmery, swirl-printed mini dress with long bell sleeves.