I freaking love disco balls

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How fun are discoballs. They remind me of rollerskating rinks in the grade

This disco ball represents dancing, for more ideas please visit www.cfentertainment.co.uk

A sparkling disco ball can be hung from the roof above the dance floor displaying moving and sparkling lights. Disco balls were used in the

Creating a disco ball would be fun. I think disco balls are interesting to look at so creating one would be interesting also. I think it will be complicated because you have to focus on each individual square to make sure I have the right gradient and reflection. This would be a cool application also because it makes it seem like a globe

15 Glam Ways to Rock a Disco Ball. For Real.

18 DIY World Globe Crafts! Do you believe in globe-al recycling? My boy would love this. He loves globes and disco balls

Disco ball hanging planter DIY

Make Your Own Disco Ball Hanging Planter – A Beautiful Mess

Giovanna Battaglia, Russia

Gio's Journal: Bloc Party

How to Make DIY Disco Ball With Old CDs | Like us on Facebook --> https://www.facebook.com/icreativeideas

How to Make DIY Disco Ball With Old CDs

Home tip: Disco ball!

Home Tip: Disco Ball

Home tip: Get a disco ball for beautiful daytime light. (disco ball IN your home.

glittering disco balls. (september 2013)

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