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abyss watcher aldrich devourer of gods armor arrow ashen one (dark souls ashes bow (weapon) brothers cape capelet claymore (sword) crown dagger dark souls dark souls iii dark sun gwyndolin dragonizm eclipse embers fire full armor gauntlets giant glaive

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"Dark Souls bosses splash art" Is what it said on my frie ds board, I ha e no clue what this is lol but it looks amazing.

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tumblr_of5qy4VVbQ1s7nd13o1_1280.jpg (1080×1307)

The World of Dark Souls, From The Side by Tettix

The World of Dark Souls, From The Side

Tettix first showed off his massive illustration of Dark Souls' Lordran at the end of January, when it was still a work-in-progress—well, it no longer is.

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