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I want a man like that ^///^ yep I'm gonna die alone. ^^' welcome to the thought process of our entire fanbase. Unless you're already in a relationship,then come gras, you lucky dang duck

Cute Anime Couple | Desk | Classroom | Happy | Pretty | Beautiful | Lovely

Only he knew this. I was dying. I heard somewhere that if I made 1000 paper cranes I would get a wish, and I knew it was foolish. (RP in the girl.

I've seen this but in black and white. What ANIME/MANGA IS THIS FROM

Let's Be Awkward Together - Prologue 1: Adrian

You know, some people don't like this super shy couple thing, but I find it adorable<<how could they NOT love it? This is ADORABLE

The girl reminds me of an anime character I created

Is it bad to take a picture of my older sister, Xena, and her boyfriend, Luke, when they're in privacy? - Lavender No as long as your feelings are good ones -I.

Leave me alone I loved this webcomic. Bastard on (I think) WebToons

Is this romantic, or creepy?

This scene is from my favorite web comic, Bastard! It's an amazing story, you can check it out on the app, Webtoon! I highly recommend it!